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ISBN: 9781444947922

Publisher: Hodder Books

Author: Hilary Mckay's

Format: Paperback

Language: English

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Hilary Mckay's 6 Books Set Collection Casson Family Children

Hilary Mckay's


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Hilary Mckay's 6 Books Set Collection

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Titles in this set:
Saffy's Angel
Indigo's Star
Permanent Rose
Caddy Ever After
Forever Rose
Caddy's World


Saffy's Angel
After Saffron discovers that she's adopted, life is never quite the same. Her artistic parents and doting siblings adore her, but Saffy wants a piece of her past. So when her grandfather bequests a stone angel to her, Saffy knows she has to find it. Realising that her childhood in Siena holds the key, she stows away on a car trip to Italy.

The rest of the family are engaged in their own wacky projects: Caddy, a hopeless student, is revising for her A levels and desperately trying to pass her driving test. Indigo, the only boy in the Casson family, is determined to rid himself of his fear of heights. And the youngest, Rose, a budding artist, has a knack for baiting her pompous dad, with entertaining results . . .

Indigo's Star
Indigo's going back to school after a long bout of illness. He's not looking forward to it, the bullies are lying in wait. But he's determined to stand on his own two feet - so when Saffy and Sarah break up a fight in the boys' bathroom, he's furious. Until he meets Tom.

Tom is from New York, loves music, makes Indigo laugh and is unfazed by the bullies. But Tom has troubles of his own - can the boys help each other out?

Permanent Rose
It's a long hot summer - to Permanent Rose it seems never ending. Rose misses Tom, Indigo's friend who went back to America, and new friend David is no replacement. Caddy's fiancee, Michael, tries to cheer her up by delivering a rose every day, but that just provides temporary relief. What with Daddy leaving her mother Eve for younger model Samantha, Caddy getting cold feet, and adoptive sister Saffron deciding to find her real father, no one seems to have time to come to Rose's rescue. But Rose is determined, and in her heart of hearts is sure she will find Tom again - but what else will she find on the way?

Caddy Ever After
It's Valentine's Day and everything's changing.

Indigo's in love and wants to do something special to win over Sarah, Saffy has a strange new boyfriend who teaches her all about the stars and Caddy has fallen in love and is getting married . . . but not to Michael.

With a wedding to plan, promises to uphold and hearts to protect, everything's a little crazier than usual in the Casson household.

Forever Rose
Rose's family members are always busy doing their own things. At least she still has her friends at school, but Mr. Spencer is always shouting about SATs and now he's cancelled Christmas! But thankfully he can't cancel the Christmas school trip.

Caddy's World
Best friends, boyfriends, problem parents, pink hair. Brothers, sisters, fireworks and unexpected babies. Welcome to Caddy's World.

Travel back to when Caddy was a young girl and Rose had not been born, in this moving and comical prequel to the award-winning Saffy's Angel.

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Brand Hodder Books
Age Group 9-14
Author Hilary Mckay's
Format Paperback
GTIN 9781444947922
Language English
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