Sam Taplin

Sam Taplin has been in love with words since he can remember. He started writing poetry when he was at primary school. After he studied English literature at university, he was just so excited and had many ideas in his head – he started writing books for children and that helped him to realise that you don’t need many words to say something in the proper way. You just need the right ones.

He has written many things such as: medieval knights to encyclopaedias of dinosaurs. He has also worked on poetry books, choosing poems for Usborne’s anthologies and he feels that it is so fun, he wonders why he gets paid to do it.

Sam Taplin was very fond of children’s books, they meant so much to him and that is why he wanted to write them. He enjoyed the idea of helping to make books which would inspire children the same way.

Sam is proud of all of his books. He also enjoys working with designers and illustrators who take his words and bring them to life in his book.

Sam Taplin Books

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    Sam Taplin

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