Kaiu Shirai

Kaiu Shirai

After graduating from university, Kaiu Shirai was employed by a normal company, he later resigned. He wanted to become a professional mangaka. He began to submit manuscripts to magazines.

In 2015, Kaiu Shirai published his first professional work, a stand-alone piece called “the Location of Ashley-Gate” in Shonen Jump, a digital imprint of Shueisha. Once again – in the same magazine, he publishes his second piece of work, another stand-alone piece called “Poppy’s Wish” in collaboration with artist Posuka Denmizu in February, 2016.

After that, Kaiu Shirai, created a serialized work based on drafts written while he was still an amateur. This work – The Promised Neverland started its run in the 35th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump from 2016.

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    Kaiu Shirai

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