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Team hero Series 1-3 Falcon of Fury 12 Books Set Collection By Adam Blade

By Adam Blade

GTIN 9787293102659

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Team hero Series 1-3 Falcon of Fury 12 Books Set 

Team hero Series 1-3 Falcon of Fury 12 Books Set

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Titles in this set:
Team Hero-Lair of the fire lizard
Team Hero-Attack of the bat army
Team Hero-Reptile reawakened
Team Hero-Battle for the shadow sword
Team Hero-Fight for the hidden city
Team Hero-Scorpion strike
Team Hero-Falcon of fury
Team Hero-Rise of the shadow snakes
Team Hero-The ice wolves
Team Hero-The shadow stallion
Team Hero-Army of darkness
Team Hero-Revenge of the dragon


Lair of The Fire Lizard
Ordinary kids with extraordinary powers gather in a secret school to be trained to fight the forces of darkness.Hero Academy teacher Ms Steel is missing and Jack, Ruby and Danny are determined to find her. Their quest takes them to an underground swamp: the lair of the dreaded Tartania!

Attack of The Bat Army
There's a new evil escaping from the dark realm of Noxx. Jack and Team Hero must harness their special powers to stop the bat army from destroying the world.Team Hero needs you! Join Jack and battle the forces of darkness ...

Reptile Reawakened
Hero Academy has been infiltrated by an enemy agent. Jack and the rest of Team Hero must discover who it is before the secret spy can tear their world apart.Hero Academy is under threat. You must escape now!

Battle for The Shadow Sword
Welcome to Hero Academy! Join Jack and your other new classmates at this secret school, where the lessons are more exciting than Maths and PE.

Fight For The Hidden City
The students of Hero Academy are on a mission to a hidden kingdom of cat-human hybrids. But the change of location gives their enemy a new, deadly opportunity to strike ...

Scorpion Strike
General Gore's evil poison is spreading throughout the underground city of Tavnar. Jack, Danny and Ruby must descend into its dark depths before the whole population is infected ...

Falcon of Fury
The majestic flying beast that watches over the Avaretti has been taken over by the forces of darkness. Join Team Hero abroad a fighter plane for an epic battle in the skies!

Rise of The Shadow Snakes
A great evil continues to spread throughout the human world, and it is up to Jack, Danny and Ruby to stop it.

The Ice Wolves
The students of Hero Academy are visiting a rival training school. Tensions are high between the two groups - but they must work together to defeat a common, frosty enemy!

The Shadow Stallion
Team Hero are locked in battle with a half-human, half-dragon foe. Can they stop her from resurrecting her powerful horse and destroying the world?

Army of Darkness
Jack, Danny and Ruby must stop a powerful foe from regaining an ancient sceptre and unleashing its dark magic. But on their quest, they discover some new, unexpected enemies ...

Revenge of The Dragon
Team Hero's great enemy Raina the Vile has recovered her full powers, and is ready to destroy the world with her burning vengeance. Only Jack, Ruby and Danny can stop her now!

Brand Orchard Books
Author Adam Blade
Format Paperback
GTIN 9787293102659
Language English
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  • This book gives you great insights
    Review by John Doe / (Posted on 04/04/2019)
    This book gives you great insights on the precedence and consistency and the importance of all such actions which help us to lead a successful life. However there were few points I didn't quite concur with like don't strive for perfection. But overall it's a good read