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Pokemon Adventure Diamond and Pearl 8 Books Childrens Collection Box Set Pack

By Shigekatsu Ihara

GTIN 9781421542416

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From Viz LLC. Most kids spend their days at school, but not Hareta. Raised in the wild by Pokemon, he can climb as high as an Aipom, swim as fast as a Magikarp, and even eat bark like a Bidoof! Contains all 8 volumes of the Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure! series and a collectible poster

Box set Includes

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure 1-8

Collectible Poster


A young boy, Hareta, and his friends are trying to find Dialga. Hareta was allowed to live in the woods with Pokémon, which helps him bond with newly captured Pokémon. In book one, Hareta meets Mitsumi, Professor Rowan's helper, and a boy named Jun. Professor Rowan gives Hareta his first Pokémon, a Piplup. In this book, Hareta wins the Coal Badge and meets Team Galactic for the first time. He bites one of Team Galactic's Members as well. Hareta catches a Shinx as well. In book two, Hareta enters his first contest. Later, Mitsumi enters and nearly wins. Hareta then meets Team Galactic again in Celestic Town. Hareta picks a fight with Cyrus, and Cyrus tries to get Hareta to join him. After losing to Cyrus, Hareta lays afloat, only to be rescued by Byron. Hareta challenges Byron and loses. Hareta is then instructed to go to Iron Island to train. There, Hareta meets Riley who gives him an egg. Riley and Hareta then have to beat Team Galactic yet again and Hareta's egg hatches in Riolu. Hareta trains for a month then comes out with an Onix, a Geodude, and a Zubat. Book three contains a large fight between Team Galactic and Hareta over the Legendary Azelf. Hareta once again, with help from all the Gym leaders, defeats Team Galactic. He wins by having Azelf power him with willpower. In book four, Hareta meets gym leader Candice. Hareta wins the battle and capture the legendary Pokémon Regigigas. Then Bryon, Hareta, and other gym leaders try to attack Galactic headquarters, but all except Bryon and Hareta went in to jail. Hareta realized that his best friend Mitsumi joined team Galactic. Hareta fights her and the end of the battle continues in book five. in the end Hareta defeats Mitsumi and goes on to face Cryus but at that time Cryus has collected all three legendary Pokémon and is starting to make the red chain the only object to call Dialga and control him.

Brand VIZ Media LLC
Author Shigekatsu Ihara
Format Paperback
GTIN 9781421542416
Language English
Video Link NA

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  • This book gives you great insights
    Review by John Doe / (Posted on 04/04/2019)
    This book gives you great insights on the precedence and consistency and the importance of all such actions which help us to lead a successful life. However there were few points I didn't quite concur with like don't strive for perfection. But overall it's a good read