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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Series 2 Collection 4 Books Set Pack By Horihiko Araki

By Hirohiko Araki

GTIN 9787293102642

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Series 2 Collection 4 Books Set 

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Series 2 Collection 4 Books Set Pack By Horihiko Araki

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Titles In This Set :

Volume 1
The beginning of the Battle Tendency Arc! The Joestar family is called upon to do battle against evil again! This time, it’s Joseph Joestar, the grandson of Jonathan Joestar! And his enemies are more powerful and diabolical than ever! Behold! The terror of the Pillar Men!

Volume 2
The battle against evil takes a diabolical twist as more Pillar Men awaken! Now it is up to Joseph Joestar and his new ally Caesar Zeppeli to try and stop their nefarious plan! But these are creatures of unimaginable power, and JoJo and Caesar will have to get a lot stronger to even stand a chance!

Volume 3
JoJo and Caesar face their most powerful foe yet—the leader of the Pillar Men! Armed with the ability to create a weapon from any part of his body, he is more than a match for JoJo and his allies. And now that his brethren have fallen, he’s got a score to settle. Prepare for a battle unlike any before!

Volume 4
The conclusion of the fight against the Pillar Men! It has been a long and perilous journey for JoJo and his allies. Many battles have been fought and many lives lost. Now the final showdown with Wamuu is at hand, and armed with the red-hot desire to avenge his fallen comrade, JoJo faces an evil being so powerful it staggers the mind. Find out who prevails in this explosive finale!

Length - 15.4cm
Width - 12cm
Height - 21.6cm

Brand Viz Media
Author Hirohiko Araki
Format Hardback
GTIN 9787293102642
Language English
Video Link NA

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  • This book gives you great insights
    Review by John Doe / (Posted on 04/04/2019)
    This book gives you great insights on the precedence and consistency and the importance of all such actions which help us to lead a successful life. However there were few points I didn't quite concur with like don't strive for perfection. But overall it's a good read