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We have some of the best selection of children's books for all ages with a wide variety of categories ranging from activity books, audio books, fiction, film TV, Party range, hobbies, interests, character books, picture flats, superhero, teen and young adults. The books are from some of the top authors and illustrators like Roald Dahl and David Walliams. if you are looking for your fist baby books or board books for toddlers then we have the books for you. If you looking for help with homework then we have a fantastic range of reference, Educational, phonics reading schemes and early years books.

Childrens Books

  1. Mr Majeika Books Collection Humphrey Carpenter 14 Books Set

    Author: Humphrey Carpenter

    DescriptionMr Majeika 14 books collection by Humphrey Carpenter.When Class Three's new teacher flies in through the window on a magic carpet, the children believe that with Mr Majeika in charge, it's ...

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  2. My Story Collection 20 Books Set Box Pack - Children History Stories

    Author: Various

    Buy My Story Collection 20 Books. Need to acquaint history with your kids in a manner that is intriguing, instructive, and fun? At that point consider the My Story Collection coating 20 historically s...

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  3. Flat Stanley Adventure Series Collection 8 Books Set (Again, Invisible, & more)

    Author: Jeff Brown

    DescriptionFlat Stanley 8 Books Set written by Jeff Brown, In this collection Stanley Lambchop was just an ordinary boy until a large notice board fell on him and made him flat only half an inch thick...

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  4. Amazing Machines Truckload Children Collection 10 Flat Books Set | Tony Mitton

    Author: Tony Mitton

    DescriptionTony Mitton & Ant Parker the writer of amazing machines one of the best collection for the childrens to read amazing machines gives your children exposer to learn about big machines. Bu...

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  5. Enid Blyton Classic Mystery Series Stories 15 Books Box Set Collection Mysteries

    Author: Enid Blyton

    DescriptionClassic Mystery Stories 15 Books Set by Enid Blyton. It is all about children solving mysteries, exploring secrets and solving crime, able to know how they are into trouble into various sit...

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  6. Enid Blyton The Complete Secret Seven Library 16 Books Box Set Collection Series

    Author: Enid Blyton

    The Complete Secret Seven Library 16 BooksEnid Blyton16 Books SetBrand NewTitles in This SetThe Secret SevenSecret Seven AdventureWell Done, Secret SevenSecret Seven on the TrialGo Ahead, Se...

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  7. Captain Underpants Children 10 Books Set Collection

    Author: Dav Pilkey

    DescriptionCaptain Underpants  Books Collection by Dev Pilkey. This story narrates between two prank-loving young boys who create a superhero called Captain Underpants, Titles in this setCap...

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  8. Scream Street 13 Books Box Set Collection

    Author: Tommy Donbavand

    Scream Street Tommy Donbavand 13 Books Collection Boxed Pack Set Scream Street CollectionBy Tommy DonbavandRRP: £65.87Brand New Titles In This SetFlame of the DragonSecret of the Chang...

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  9. Enid Blyton Amelia Jane Collection 5 Books Box Set Gift Pack Naughty Amelia Jane

    Author: Enid Blyton

    DescriptionAmelia Jane 5 Books Set by Enid Blyton. This is a children collection series, narrates about a girl who she is an funniest in real life child appeal and gets trouble.Titles in This SetGood ...

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  10. Rainbow Magic Weather Fairies Collection Daisy Meadows 7 Books Gift Box Set Series 2 (Vol 8 to 14)

    Author: Daisy Meadows

    DescriptionFairyland is home to the seven Weather Fairies. They use magical feathers to bring all of the weather to Fairyland. But when the feathers disappear, the weather turns wacky. The Weather Fai...

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