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Kay Woodward The Flower Fairies Secret Stories 12 Books Collection Set New Pack

By Kay Woodward

GTIN 9787293103854

Product Code: LWP9110

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Titles In This Set

  • Lavender's Midsummer Mix-up

  • Jasmine's Starry Night

  • willow's underwater World

  • Candytuft's Enchating Treats

  • Buttercup & The Fairy Gold

  • Strawberry's New Friend

  • Almod Blossom's Mystery

  • Zinnia's Magical Adventure

  • Rose's Special Secret

  • Poppy's Perfect Home

  • Sweet Pea's Precious Promise

  • Wild Cherry Make A Wish

Kay Woodward The Flower Fairies Secret Stories 12 Books Collection Set

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Lavendra MIdsummer Mix-up
Lavender is busy getting all the Flower Fairy outfits washed and ready for the highlight of the Flower Fairy year - the Midsummer Party! After she's finished she starts to play a fun game of hide and seek with all her fairy friends. Suddenly she hears children's voices nearby, the Flower Fairies are in danger of being seen!

Willow's Underwater World
Willow is worried that her watery home will be flooded when some human children build a dam nearby, especially when the dam also brings with it another unwelcome visitor.

Almond blossom's Mystery
Spring is due to arrive in the Flower Fairy Garden and Almond Blossom is eagerly waiting to welcome in the new season with her special springtime dance. However, as time passes by the garden remains shrouded in a mysterious mist and the Flower Fairies start to worry, where is spring? Almond Blossom decides to find out what is going on.

Zinnia's Magical Adventure
Zinnia loves playing in the garden, but one day she decides to follow some children into the wilder marshes nearby! She has a wonderful time exploring and meeting new Flower Fairy friends, but she suddenly notices it is getting late and she is lost. How will she ever find her way home again?

Buttercup And The Fairy Gold
One day Buttercup is busy harvesting her pollen in the meadows of Flower Fairyland when she realises a disaster has occurred; she's lost her bag of precious fairy dust! Buttercup soon discovers that her 'fairy gold' has fallen into the hands of some naughty elves. Buttercup must catch the elves, but how? It's time for some quick thinking.

Rose Special Secret
Rose's old home has been destroyed, so she sets off into the great unknown to find a new place to live. After a magical journey, she arrives in FFland. But, she can find nowhere to live...until she discovers an old overgrown thicket in a far corner of the garden where no one goes. Rose spots a thorn, she knows what grows there!

Poppy's perfect Home
Poppy is forced to move when her home is under threat by humans. Can she save her home from destruction, with a little bit of help from her fairy friends?

Sweet Pea'sPrecious Home
Sweet Pea loves looking after her baby sister, Pea, but she sometimes wishes that there was more time for magical fun with her fairy friends. One day she decides to have an adventure, but when humans arrive in the Flower Fairies' Garden, Pea is in danger of being discovered.

Wild Cherry Makes Wish
Wild Cherry is a shy Flower Fairy, who likes nothing more than sitting in her woodland tree quietly thinking things over. But, when the fabulous, extrovert Pansy comes to Flower Fairyland, Wild Cherry can't help feeling she would like to be more like her, especially as she is the most wonderful dancer!

Candytuft's Enchanting Treats
It's Fairy Friendship week and Candytuft is looking forward to making an enormous batch of her enchanting fairy treats for all her friends! Meanwhile, someone is trying to sabotage Fairy Friendship week by destroying all the Flower Fairies' hard work. Can Candytuft put things right in with a little bit of magical help from her enchanted treats?

Strawberry's New Friend
When Strawberry and Blackberry meet one summer's day, they realise they have much in common and soon become the best of friends! Sadly though when it's time for Strawberry to care for his plants he can no longer spend all his time with his new friend.

Jasmine's Starry Night
Jasmine loves to lie among her scented blossoms staring dreamily at the sky. But she soon starts to worry that she really should have a hobby, like lots of the other Flower Fairies. One night, everything changes when some human children visit the garden. Jasmine learns some wonderful surprises that she has to share with the other fairies.

Brand Warne
Author Kay Woodward
Format Paperback
GTIN 9787293103854
Language English
Video Link NA

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